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Black Lives Matter

White supremacists infiltrated law enforcement. Now what?

Photo Credit | Amanda Lucier / for NBC News

Former Georgia Deputy Cody Griggers bragged in text messages about abusing his authority. “I’m going to charge them with whatever felonies I can to take away their ability to vote,” he wrote. The idea of an officer joyfully placing false charges on Black people is terrifying. Police officers wield an enormous amount of power over the communities they serve. Griggers’ statement shows how dangerous this position becomes when held by White supremacists.

He bragged about beating a Black man he had in custody. Showing no remorse whatsoever, he said it gave him “sweet stress relief.” At least that’s what he…

Black Lives Matter protesters couldn’t get away with this

Photo: via Twitter @laurennmcc

Nearly 1,000 White college students gathered to party in Columbus, Ohio. They came to celebrate the “Chitt Fest,” a series of spring block parties. But this year, their brand of fun included damaging property and flipping seven cars. When the police responded, the revelers seem unfazed and unbothered. Flipping cars without a care is the apex of White privilege.

The officers responded to the event from a distance. Using a megaphone, they said, “They’ll come down when it’s safe for them.” When it comes to confronting Black protesters, police seem to have the will of fire. Yet, when it comes…

Giving the police the benefit of the doubt undermines the victims

Naisha Wright, Daunte Wright’s aunt, with members of George Floyd’s family. Photo: Stephen Maturen / Getty Images

Protesters took to the streets after hearing the news. A Brooklyn Center officer shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright. Many wondered how this could happen again. Another unarmed Black man lost his life from a police encounter. Wright died a few miles away from Minneapolis, where George Floyd’s death played on repeat. The jury has yet to deliberate Derek Chauvin’s guilt, though that day will soon arrive. The physical and thematic proximity of these cases shocked an already grieving community. Kim Potter, a 26-year-old veteran of the force, and the police chief have since resigned from their positions. But, before…

Systemic racism robs children of their innocence

Photo: Earl Wilcox/Unsplash

In North Carolina, officers arrested a six-year-old Black boy for picking a tulip near his bus stop. The aftermath of this flower-picking incident shows racism can blossom at any time. Inequality doesn’t wait until a Black person reaches a particular age or milestone. Rather, systemic racism starts impacting children at a young age and never stops. It seems Black innocence is like petals, lost to the wind.

Currently, America doesn’t have a federal law that protects children as young as six from arrest. Each state decides at what age a person can stand trial. …

WEOC Profile

Photo Credit | Allison Gaines via Canva

Hi, world. I’m Allison, and I love writing about race, equality, women, and history. I’m interested in social sciences, which is why I’m a Ph.D. candidate. But, let’s get down to the fundamentals, who I am and what I stand for.

I’m a New Orleans native. That’s right. I’m from the very bottom of the map. And, while the South isn’t an ideal place to live for Black people, my family has found a way to make it work. We each found our niche. For me, it’s always been writing. Though I must admit, I’ve always been a radical. Even…

America is a racist country until it changes course

Photo of Amanda Seales. Photo Credit: F. Harrison/Getty Images

When Tim Scott said, “America is not a racist country,” he contributed to over four hundred years of gaslighting Black people have endured. He admitted that he experienced racism but then doubled back and claimed that it did not exist. His conservatism is central to this issue. Former Housing Secretary Ben Carson once referred to slaves as “immigrants,” and Kanye West referred to slavery as “a choice.” They have decided to help white-wash history as opposed to telling the unvarnished truth. Black people like Tim Scott serve as a public reminder that any person can perpetuate white supremacy. …

The American Family Plan Does Not Address the wealth-gap

Photo Credit | Money- Getty Images

The American Family Plan is the product of colorblind policy development. I know his pitch includes universal pre-k, four years of public college, and provides paid leave. But, hear me out. I’m not insinuating that the plan is bad, only that it fails to account for the racial wealth gap.

Under Reaganomics, conservatives aimed to limit the role of government. As pure capitalists, they believed that expanding the power of corporations and giving them tax breaks and less regulation would help Americans. However, it hasn’t. Under Trump’s presidency, his administration cut 100 environmental regulations. …

Black History 365

April 2021 Edition

Photo Credit | Allison Gaines via Canva

You might be asking yourself, why am I reading about Black History in sprin? The answer is simple — our history is too rich and far-reaching to learn in the span of 28 days. The Black History 365 Project aims to educate the public throughout the span of the year. You may learn some #hiddenhistory & #hiddenherstory along the way.

History, like any other academia comes preloaded with bias. After all, each of us has unique experiences. Our perspectives stem from them. …

Black Lives Matter

The family says police ‘Executed’ Andrew Brown Jr. with his hands-on steering wheel

Abolish the Police Movement gains steam after Chauvin’s trial. #BlackLivesMatter
Photo Credit | Awa Mally for MPR News file

Whenever police officers kill an unarmed Black person, their defenders try to justify their death. If only they would comply with authorities, they insist, then they would still be alive today. There are two central problems with this rhetoric. For one, centering the discussion around compliance puts the responsibility on the Black citizen to stay alive. So, already, it places a barrier to police accountability. Secondly, compliance is not a strategy proven to succeed.

“Compliance will not save our lives.” (Kendi, 2021)

For years, Black people felt sidelined in a national discussion about terrorism. The War on Terror is often…

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