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How we frame a trial sets the stage for expectations

Last year, George Floyd’s death sparked a new wave of advocacy. Athletes continued to kneel on one knee, companies made diversity pledges, and everyday Americans protested. They made signs, printed shirts, and posted blacked-out squares on social media. Yet it all comes down to this moment, which arguably could last a few weeks — if not months.

The long-awaited trial started on Monday.

Rep. Cori Bush’s tweet at the outset of the court proceedings provided some much-needed context: “Derek Chauvin is on trial. America is on trial. Our criminal-legal system is on trial. George Floyd is not on trial.”


Giving the police the benefit of the doubt undermines the victims

Protesters took to the streets after hearing the news. A Brooklyn Center officer shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright. Many wondered how this could happen again. Another unarmed Black man lost his life from a police encounter. Wright died a few miles away from Minneapolis, where George Floyd’s death played on repeat. The jury has yet to deliberate Derek Chauvin’s guilt, though that day will soon arrive. The physical and thematic proximity of these cases shocked an already grieving community. Kim Potter, a 26-year-old veteran of the force, and the police chief have since resigned from their positions. But, before…

Black actors settling for trauma roles should be a thing of the past

After winning two NAACP Image Awards this past year, Marsai Martin recently turned heads in an interview. When asked what type of projects she wanted to produce next, she made it clear. She would say no to any “Black pain projects.” Even at 16, the star recognizes her power and has no qualms about wielding it on and off the set.

Martin may be young, but she’s nobody’s rookie. In short order, she became a household name by starring in ABC’s hit series black-ish. Then she broke a world record by becoming the youngest executive producer in Hollywood history.


Systemic racism robs children of their innocence

In North Carolina, officers arrested a six-year-old Black boy for picking a tulip near his bus stop. The aftermath of this flower-picking incident shows racism can blossom at any time. Inequality doesn’t wait until a Black person reaches a particular age or milestone. Rather, systemic racism starts impacting children at a young age and never stops. It seems Black innocence is like petals, lost to the wind.

Currently, America doesn’t have a federal law that protects children as young as six from arrest. Each state decides at what age a person can stand trial. …

WEOC Profile

Hi, world. I’m Allison, and I love writing about race, equality, women, and history. I’m interested in social sciences, which is why I’m a Ph.D. candidate. But, let’s get down to the fundamentals, who I am and what I stand for.

I’m a New Orleans native. That’s right. I’m from the very bottom of the map. And, while the South isn’t an ideal place to live for Black people, my family has found a way to make it work. We each found our niche. For me, it’s always been writing. Though I must admit, I’ve always been a radical. Even…

Normalizing white nationalism threatens national security

The America First Caucus features the Anglo-Saxon political tradition. With no shame at all, a sect of conservatives decided to center their agenda around whiteness. This move is concerning, given the rise of white nationalism in the mainstream. The AFC gives a silent nod to some of the same groups responsible for storming the capital. Last year and again this March, FBI director Wray warned about racist extremists.

Racially motivated violent extremism is the biggest chunk of our domestic terrorism portfolio.— FBI Director Wray (Bump, 2021)

At this point, there should be no doubt about the dangers of white supremacy…

They twisted it into something it never meant

The word woke, got tossed like a salad. What started as a phrase amongst Black advocates has become an abused tool. White people on both sides of the ideological spectrum misused this word.

Liberals often use the term as a sense of pride. They theorize that wokeness can save them from white privilege and their role in white supremacy. This perspective is noble but misguided. On the other end, conservatives lament, woke police, accusing them of cancel-culture. Instead of self-introspection like the liberal, the conservative rejects the assertions by woke Black people. Thus, they try to condemn the very idea…

Has a good night’s rest become a privilege?

While everyone enjoys a good night’s rest, counting sheep doesn’t work for everyone. Neither does drinking a glass of warm milk, for that matter. That’s because healthy sleep habits develop outside the bedroom and long before nightfall. Scheduling prowess and willpower are not enough to guarantee a good night’s rest. While it may surprise some to learn this, America has a race-sleep gap. Last year, the National Sleep Foundation conducted a study about the impacts of race on sleep.

Relative to white adults, black adults, were most likely to have short sleep duration. The magnitude of that likelihood increased across…

America’s changing whether you’re ready or not

When Tucker Carlson said, “you will not replace us” on Fox News, he added salt to a country still licking its wounds. He used his platform to express white grievances. People who believe in the replacement theory view diversity as an existential threat. Remember, white nationalists carrying tiki torches used the same rhetoric in Charlottesville. The term has become thick with meaning.

‘Antisemitic, racist and toxic’ is how the Anti-Defamation League’s CEO summed up Carlson’s rant, which he said echoed the ideology of mass shooters in El Paso, Christchurch, and Pittsburgh.(Ecarma, 2021)

The replacement theory is dangerous because it promotes…

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