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Allison Gaines
Editor-in-Chief of Cultured Mag, AfroSaphiophile, Co-Founder WEOC with bylines @ Momentum & ZORA ♥︎ -☕️


Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

Whenever a Black person speaks up about racial injustice, some white person is always waiting behind the digital curtain, ready to ask — Do you hate white people? So, if you’re reading this, you probably want to know the answer to the question, and I won’t keep you waiting — the answer is “no.”

Most Black people don’t hate white people, but we are consistently disappointed by white people, and we do hate the concept of white supremacy. Deal with it. Like seriously, the idea of white people being superior to people of other races is nonsensical. …


Photo: Lizzo Music/Vulture

Since Lizzo released her new hit song, Rumors featuring Cardi B, millions of music lovers tuned in; the imagery in their music video brought me right back to the Black women singing The Gospel Truth in Disney’s Hercules movie. Dancing in gold-tinged dresses, they called themselves “goddesses of the arts.” But, unlike many white-washed depictions of the Greeks, this scene celebrated Black women’s bodies in all their glory. In the newly-released Rumors music video, Lizzo and Cardi B resembled modern versions of those archetypal women.

This video hit differently because we rarely see Black women mythologized in a positive light…

Photo: via Twitter @laurennmcc

Nearly 1,000 White college students gathered to party in Columbus, Ohio. They came to celebrate the “Chitt Fest,” a series of spring block parties. But this year, their brand of fun included damaging property and flipping seven cars. When the police responded, the revelers seem unfazed and unbothered. Flipping cars without a care is the apex of White privilege.

The officers responded to the event from a distance. Using a megaphone, they said, “They’ll come down when it’s safe for them.” When it comes to confronting Black protesters, police seem to have the will of fire. Yet, when it comes…

Image: Westend61/Getty Images

A couple of months ago, I read a story about blackface. Initially, I felt relieved that someone was bringing attention to this issue.

Then, sentence after sentence, I realized my initial assumptions, based on the title, fell short. To my surprise, this article supported blackface. As a Black writer, I felt appalled that a misleading title effectively lured me into reading a story I found racist. Of course, I realize that is clickbait. But the plot thickens.

I left a comment mentioning how offensive blackface is to Black people. The writer then told me, “The article was satire. You just…


Photo by Francisco Andreotti on Unsplash

Every year, over half a million people go missing in America. That's a lot of people wholly unaccounted for, gone without a trace. And, while society should pay a lot more attention to these disappearances across the board, the very little air time allotted to these cases centers almost exclusively on White women. Experts dubbed this racially homogenous coverage "missing white woman syndrome."

When 22-year old Gabby Petito went missing for three weeks, her case went viral on social media, with major networks universally picking up the story of her disappearance. …


Photo Credit | Getty Images via NYT September 2021

The images of white Border Patrol agents using whips on Black Haitian refugees gives off slave catcher vibes. After all, American policing in the Southern States traces back to the first formal slave patrol in 1704. These patrols gave white men the freedom to hunt Black people down, using inhumane tactics, with the sole intent of forcing them into lifelong servitude. What we see today is an extension of a cruel American tradition.

And we can’t blame it all on the states because Congress passed The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which gave more power to Slave Patrols. Under this…


Queen Latifah | Photo Credit | Film Magic via Huff Post | Graphic Credit Allison Gaines made via Canva

Queen Latifah’s 93' hit single, “U.N.I.T.Y.,” provided a lyrical answer to Hip-Hop, a music industry dominated by the Black male gaze. She brought her message to their front door. As her song topped the charts, she became the first woman to win a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance, solidifying her role as a living legend.

Like many Black girls, I grew up listening to Queen Latifah’s anthem. Her music felt aspirational, willfully pushing Hip Hop to ditch disrespectful rhetoric towards women, a battle we’re still waging. …


Photo of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez via Twitter | Graphic Allison Gaines made via Canva.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, better known as AOC, has become a thorn in nearly every conservative’s side. She’s best known for co-sponsoring The Green New Deal with Senator Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts. And because she represents New York’s 14th Congressional District, a progressive stronghold, she’s attracted many members of The Squad into her orbit.

Still, it seems there is always someone falling over themselves with fake outrage anytime she takes center stage to promote progressive values. As a Latina woman who stands against corporate interests, she’s used to taking a lot of flack. …


Photo Credit | Allison Gaines made via Canva

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably eaten fried chicken before. To call this, a popular dish would be an understatement. According to a survey, 16 percent of Americans would marry “fried chicken if they could.” Clearly, that crunchy texture and lip-smacking flavor won the hearts of millions.

Still, with the chicken sandwich wars still raging, I can’t help but see the irony of white people loving Black people’s fried chicken but not our problems. It’s past time we unpack this one-way relationship.

White people use fried chicken as a racist trope, but they also market it to our communities. And…

Allison Gaines

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