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Allison Gaines
Editor-in-Chief of CULTURED, AfroSaphiophile, Co-Founder WEOC with bylines @ Momentum & ZORA ♥︎ -☕️


Where has the loyalty gone?

Last summer, Megan Thee Stallion named Tory Lanez as the man responsible for shooting her. Shooting an unarmed Black woman who was “trying to leave the vehicle” is shameful. However, what’s even more disturbing than this one-off incident is how Black men responded to it.

I can already hear the “not all Black men” roaring in the background. So, yes, let’s go there. Rick Ross provided a perfect example of what that support looks like. For some, calling Lanez out may have broken the bro code, but I’m glad Ross didn’t buy into that. As reported in Billboard:

“Tory Lanez…


Colorblind ideology is not going to cut it anymore

All parents want to protect their kids from the bruises and scrapes this life dishes out. They want to create a barrier, protecting them from the harsher elements of the world — that’s understandable. However, there are some things white kids need to learn if parents want to avoid raising mini racists. Most parents think their children should be five years old or older before diving into the topic; the truth is kids learn to recognize race much earlier than that. Our conversations need to catch up.

Previous research has shown that 3-month-old babies prefer faces from certain racial groups…


Separating fact from fiction

As America emerges from its socially distanced bubble, “critical race theory” continues to dominate headlines. For those basking in white privilege, critically evaluating the racial caste system feels terrifying. They fear tectonic plates shifting beneath our social landmass.

Our nation is in the process of exchanging color-blind ideology with anti-racism. White people will have to take a good, hard look in the mirror and into their family albums. Some are afraid of the skeletons they will find, and others are leery of the theory that will make them take a look in the first place.

White people want to focus…

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Choosing yourself is revolutionary

First and foremost, Naomi Osaka is an amazing athlete. She is a four-time Grand Slam champion. However, as a Haitian-Japanese woman, Osaka has faced tremendous pressure on and off the court. After using her platform to speak against racial injustices, the backlash came swiftly. When athletes faced harsh critiques for branching out beyond the realm of sports, Osaka stood firm in her conviction. Some of her motivation comes from activist athletes like Muhammad Ali. Last fall, at the U.S. Open Tennis Championship, Osaka wore a Black face mask with white letters reading Tamir Rice.

“Before I am an athlete, I…


Unpacking the transracial theory which set the internet ablaze

When Rachel Dolezal first “identified as Black,” I rolled my eyes. Like many Black people, I hoped that these claims would come to a speedy halt. But, years later, Rachel still insists she is Black. However, Black folks are no longer alone in facing the transracial movement. Recently, Korean people got a piece of the action.

A white person named Oli London recently came out as transracial. After getting surgery to obtain “Korean eyes,” they want society to recognize them as Korean. The transracial theory is beyond problematic — it’s a blatant example of racism. Let’s unpack this.

Racial identity…


If you find yourself sympathizing with racists, check this out

Have you ever found yourself sympathizing with a known racist person or group of people? If so, this article will provide you with a lantern to make it out of the mental fog. Racism is a form of abuse. While most people do not develop Stockholm Syndrome during an abusive encounter, some do. They produce a psychological response that causes them to develop positive associations with an abuser.

You’ve probably heard about examples of Stockholm Syndrome in bank robberies, kidnappings, and domestic violence circumstances. However, there is no reason why we shouldn’t analyze how race factors into abusive relationships. …


Unpacking their resistance to change

Equality is supposed to be simple. I remember putting five blue bears in one cup and five red bears in another cup — my earliest memory of unpacking the concept. Something about the symmetry of this game made me smile. Somehow, when we substitute people for bears, the idea of equality becomes unnecessarily complex. Many white people feel triggered by the notion of equality and any attempt to implement policies that represent that value.

The American pledge of allegiance states, “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice…


As the brand grows, it struggles to pull itself up from its white extremist bootstraps

Often referred to as the Starbucks of the Right, the Black Rifle Coffee Company said, “Kyle Rittenhouse drinks the best coffee in America.” While Hafer claimed, “I would never want my brand to be represented in that way, shape or form,” he only did so after the company lost thousands of their clientele. Nevertheless, despite the controversy, their company continues to grow. Last year, they made “$163 million in sales.

Black Rifle Coffee created a pro-second amendment brand, often portraying images of guns and skulls on t-shirts and hats. No need to guess which side of the culture war they…

Allison Gaines

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