America is in big trouble these days. Trump said he will not accept the results if he does not win. He also refused to guarantee a peaceful transition of power (a staple of a healthy democracy).

I ordered my ballot so I can vote by mail but I don't know what is going to happen. We live in wild times. Trump failed us with his mismanagement of the pandemic. Now, we are all suffering from the consequences of his negligence.

I hope that my fellow Americans join me in voting this man out. This is not about political affiiliation in so much as it is an attempt to save our democracy.

America did so much to preserve the democracies of other countries but sadly, world leaders are too preoccupied to take on this situation. We came to the rescue when Hitler and Stalin raged accross Europe threatening the fabric of society. Now, if he starts to act violently, we will need true allies. However, I doubt we have them anymore.

Thanks so much for writing about this. It needs to be said.

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