Hi Nathan-

I understand where you are coming from. Equality is important. However, fairness refers to equal opportunities not inherent equity amongst individual participants in education, medicine, and justice. Athletics are different because it is a physical activity and thus physical differences are important.

Sports are entertainment for people who are onlookers. However, for the athletes, this is their dream and their life's work.

There are biological differeneces between Semenya and women who were assigned female based on their reproductive organs. We cannot pretend that a transwoman playing against a woman is the same because it is not. That is why they recommended the hormone change. While some see this as bigoted, I see it as an attempt to include transwomen while respecting all women.

Biological differences between men and women give men an advantage in some sports, not all. However, young girls are literally being passed up all the time for transwomen and its really dismissive to pretend that this is because a transwoman is always the better athlete. If that's the case, perhaps biologically born women should just get out the game altogether. That's all I'm saying.

"Adding extra testosterone, called exogenous testosterone, is essentially just doping. “In the broadest sense, we’ve always known that doping increases athleticism,” says Katrina Karkazis, a senior research fellow with the Global Health Justice Partnership at Yale University and co-author of Testosterone: An Unauthorized Biography.

We don't have to guess that testosterone gives someone an edge because study after study shows that it does. Transwomen should get every opportunity to play, but not at the expense of other women.

I agree it is a big issue and we should keep talking about it.

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