I agree that no one really cares because it is happening only to women. I remember learning about the history of Shakespearean plays. I'm not sure if Black people had this tradition because so much of our has been lost to history. But we do know that patriarchy flows through all these facets of life.

So based on your response I have a quick question. We are both obviously feminists and so I feel I can talk to you about this.

So I wrote this article but I decided not to publish it which is a first for me.

I wanted to discuss the attacks on gender reveal parties. So, I understand that that one gender reveal party caused a fire and that is horrible. However, I feel that many non-binary people are using that as an excuse to attack gender in general.

They say that no one should have these parties. But, how is that different from when we celebrate the birth of a baby girl or baby boy at a baby shower?

I understand that people have different gender identities but this is different from biological sex. I was afraid to publish it because I am a nice person and even though I feel I am right I really don't want anyone to see me as bigoted.

Okay and sorry for the long reply but there is one more related thing I wanted to say.

So I did some research about sexual assaults in jail. While it is true that transgendered women face more sexual abuse in jail, when they are put in the population with wome, we are getting raped.

It is really sad and because you are a feminist like me I guess I want to know your thoughts on it.

I feel that I cannot speak out about the sexual abuse women sufffer in jail by transgendered women because they will say its' not fair. What do you think because I respect your opinion and again sorry for the long response.

Black Womanist — MS Psych 🎓 EIC of Cultured allisonthedailywriter.com Co-Founder of Writers and Editors of Color WEOC I 🤎 ☕️ https://ko-fi.com/allyfromnola

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