I agree that you or anyone else has the right to critique Joe Biden. However, even you should admit that doing so less than 45 days before the election starts to look like you prefer Donald Trump. If I saw you critique the Republicans even half as much it would make sense but I'm starting to think you truly hate the Democrats more than the Conservatives. I'm not sure what to think I guess but it just seems it is more important for you to critique Joe Biden then to meet the seriousness of this moment. I was a Bernie supporter. I gave money to his campaign every week, made calls, and talked to my friends and family about what I thought of as a great opportunity for Americans.

However, we lost and Bernie has moved on. He is trying to help us beat Donald Trump. I'm not angry at you or anyone else for critiquing Biden. But I do see it for what it is -- horrible timing. Why could we not see an article from you about how Trump's lies led to the deaths of Americans, or how the Republicans are trying to take away the ACA, or how thy plan on taking the election by force. Every person has power and even though it's not my business I hope that someone like you would fight for what's right. History will look back at this authoritarian President and each of us will have to reflect on what we did or did not do to stop this.

Latina women are getting butchered on the border. Is it really the best time to conitnue to critique Joe Biden and more importantly, haven't you already in so many articles and beautiful words critiqued him to death. He was last on my list but he is not going to treat American with the disrespect.

You want universal healthcare and I do too. But that comes from Congress. So, tell people do vote down ballot if you really do not want Biden to get people's votes.

I just want you to chart a path forward for progressives. That's all. We can critique him but let's start talking about what we need to do.

RBG has passed away and women's rights are in limbo. I just don't understand how dragging Biden helps me as a woman or Black person.

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