I agree with this aspect. I learned this recently when reading The End of Policing. In this book, the author discussed how making sex work illegal marginalizes sex workers.

Although growing up I was generally protective over sex workers, I now understand that all women are not forced into this type of work and assuming that is not feminist.

I appreciate your ephasis on intersectional and transnational feminism. This is the type of feminism that I am more in tune with. Acting globally, this type of feminism does not turn it's back on BIPOC women or LGBTQ + people. Thanks for writing this article.

Womanist Scholar bylines @ Oprah Daily, Zora, GEN, Momentum, GEN, EIC Cultured, AfroSapiophile #WEOC Founder allisonthedailywriter.com ☕️ ko-fi.com/allyfromnola

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