I agree with you on this one. Calling for unity with racist, dangerous people is not going to work.

Biden is in denial because he always thinks he can work across the aisle. There is no way that we can work with them and Biden does not have a real plan to work with Trumpers; he was trying to be nice.

How can we unite with people who do not believe in science?

How can we unite with people who want to suppress the Black vote?

How can we unite with people who want to give tax breaks to the rich while starving the impoverished Americans?

Simply, we cannot do it and I don't think it is important to work with them.

These non-college educated white voters vote against their interest and there are many books to attest to that fact. Thus, I do not think you understand that providing services will not win them over. This the the same schism that has always existed in America and until liberals or progressives or outsiders, or whatever they want to call themselves engage in restorative justice, America will always be a country ripped apart.

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