I am entilted to my opinion and you are entilted to yours. Pro life people, in large, do not support food stamps, section 8, or many social programs. Republicans believe in cutting social programs and that it's not the government's problems to solve systemic poverty.

Prolifers are hypocrites, in my opinion, because they do not support programs that help young children with poor mothers. This is a blatent attempt to control women. No man has the right to tell any woman what to do with her body. Period. FYI I never called you or anyone a monster. I don't dehumanize people. I respect their choices with their bodies. If you care about people, it has to extend past forcing women to have kids they don't want. It has to involve actually supporting programs that help women at every stage of motherhood. The Republicans are trying to dismantle Obamacare and Republicans are opposed to Universal Healthcaare but quick to tell someone what to do with their body. Very interesting

Womanist Scholar bylines @ Oprah Daily, Zora, GEN, Momentum, GEN, EIC Cultured, AfroSapiophile #WEOC Founder allisonthedailywriter.com ☕️ ko-fi.com/allyfromnola

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