I feel like Black people don't have any choice but to be polarizing. Conservatives opposed and still oppose Civil Rights Legislation. So, while I understand your point about America being polarized, I have a slightly different theory about why that is.

If we look at the track record of Republicans, they have not made an attempt to appease a multiracial democracy. Until they do that, their differences of opinion cannot really be considered with any type of seriousness.

Also, liberals are far from perfect. They often focus on "classism" instead of racism. See, we are only as strong as the weakest amongst us. And, as long as they treat race as a side-issue instead of the main conflict, they will always offer the lesser of two evils.

Really, Black people want restorative justice for slavery and to close the wealth gap. So yea, anyone who stands in the way of that will be considered "evil" by me and those who share the same values as me.

In general, I think that liberals and conservatives are capitalistic, but conservatives are more so. I base my opinion on the policies they support and oppose. So, I think that the both-sides narrative is definitely at play amongst white people. They think that conservatives and liberalism are equal. In reality, conservatives get it wrong more often, but liberals at least consider addressing inequality.

Any political perspective that maintains the status quo when Black families make one tenth of what white families do is evil in my book. Also, opposing anti-lynching legislation (as the Republicans did this past summer) is evil to me.

I really wish that I could see it how you do, that we are just polarized. But in reality, most white people disregard the different lived experiences we have in America. They think of identity politics as negative.

Keep in mind, we've only had one Black president throughout hundreds of years. Fighting for Civil Rights will always seem polarizing for those who do not see the legitimacy of the fight.

Can you imagine a country where Republicans wanted restorative justice for African Americans? At least half of the Democratic House caucus supports HR 40 (a study to determine what restorative justice is appropriate). None of the Republicans do. So, while you say "polarized," I say "racist" and "classist."

The problem with America is that we accept both of these perspectives as valid

"slavery" and "abolition"

"segregation" and "civil rights"

"red lining" and "fair housing practices"

Like, I get your point -- Americans don't get along. But when we consider this polarizing, we create governance devoid of morality. There should not be two sides to these issues. And, if Republicans created a party that considered the needs of a multiracial democracy, then we could have civil disagreements. We would not have to be polarized if they dropped the racism.

I hope you see why asking progressives (liberals) to concede would be absolutely ridiculous. Conservatives must change because right now, the only thing they value is white dominance and I see no end in sight.

Also, sure I will read your article. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Black Womanist 🎓Ph.D. Student | EIC of Cultured | 🖋@ ZORA & Momentum | #WEOC Co-founder | allisonthedailywriter.com | I 🤎 ☕️ https://ko-fi.com/allyfromnola

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