I feel like it is even deeper than a realization, it just is. There never was a time I didn't know who I was or who I was attracted to. When people are homosexual and know themselves the way I know myself, then it isn't a choice.

But we cannot simplify it by saying that all homosexual people come to their sexuality in the same way. I think the truth is that some people make up their mind when they come of age and some people always know.

I am not Christian and I don't like the forced and at times, dangerous elements of religion. However, I respect their faith. They have their relationship with God and it's really not for any of us to say what their God is or is not telling them nor more than anyone should say that a homosexual person's feelings are invalid.

The LGBTQ community, similar to the Black community needs to fight for equal rights and justice cause I can tell you from experience as an activist that we cannot change hearts and minds, but we can change laws.

We cannot force anyone to accept our lives or lived experiences but we can make it illegal for them to exert their power over others.

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