I have a cousin who is an officer. I think that we tend to think that representation decreases violence against the public but unfortunately the numbers show that Black officers are just as violent to members of the Black community.

I think that, as a country, we should try to focus on the system itself and how it encourages these problematic circumstances.

Right now, we use a method of broken-windows policing:

“This form of policing is based on the mindset that people of color commit more crime and therefore must be subjected to harsher police tactics. Police argue that residents in high crime communities often demand police action” (p.51).

While the particular assailants should be brought to justice, an emphasis on just the morality of the individual seems to limit the necessary discussions on the systematic mistreatment of Black people by law enforcement.

“The basic nature of the law and the police, since its earliest origins, is to be a tool for managing inequality and maintaining the status quo. Police reforms that fail to directly address this reality are doomed to reproduce it” (p.251).

Just sharing some nerdy quotes. Thanks for writing such a great piece.

Vitale, A. S. (2018). The end of policing. London, UK: Verso.

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