I have no empathy for people who value their fragile egos over Latinas having forced hysterectomies.

Not voting makes you complicit in the administration’s actions. You aren’t neutral. People who don’t vote are co-signing kids in cages, Muslim bans, and an unchecked pandemic.

People who don’t vote think they live above the fray but your apathy is what drives white supremacy.

Educate yourself. Look it up. All writers can read. You think your feelings matter more than human suffering. That’s absolutely pathetic.

Your none voting is only outdone by your self righteous condemnation towards people actually trying to help Latinas.

You could be part of the solution but rather be part of the problem. And for the record I don’t expect anything from you.

Those who won’t stand up against injustice make useless allies. Good luck with your worldview of complacency.

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