I love her writing, but I have my own ideas about race. I feel that all white people have implicit bias. However, prejudice and racism are not the same and every person has bias. A good scientist will admit that because without honesty, poor outcomes come out. All white people benefit from the system and thus those that stand for the status quo are racist but not all white people represent the status quo.

White people helped Black people and gave their lives to fight for the abolition of slavery. Some white people were killed during the Civil Rights movement for supporting efforts to make this nation inclusive. Some are also killed in 2020 by white supremacists and other assholes. I saw a white boy who lost his eye because police shot rubber bullets at peaceful protesters.

To me, not all white people are evil or racist but many are. And the good ones will rise up against injustice. The bad ones will sit on the sideline.

I read a lot of Marley’s writing, not just the article you read. She speaks a lot about the concept of a white ally. I agree with her that most white people are for committed to being allies, and that’s okay. I only control myself not others. But when someone Wants to be an ally I accept them wholeheartedly.

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