I never said I thought transwomen should not call themselves women.

Transwomen are women but I push back on the idea that biologicsl sex is irrelevant which seems to be a common theme within the LGBTQ community.

So many people get angry at the use of man and woman or boy and girl as gendered terms. If the whole point of the LGBTQ community is to accept people from all gender identiites, then why is it that binary people are considered oppressive by nature. I'm a Black woman. I did not make anyone be anyhthing they never wanted to be. And when I had the power to hire a Transman I did and I protected him from bigoted co-workers. He still decided to quit and I respected his position but I've always fought for acceptance and respect, not just for me but for everyone.

Still, I feel like people are being called transphobic when they are the ones who would go to the ballot box to secure rights for Transwomen, Transmen,and nonbinary people. I don't treat white allies like my enemy because we are in this together. In the pursuit of acceptance, Transpeople and non-binary people should not bash binary sexes or see any mention of it as toxic because it really isn't.

You can call me Black and I won't tell you, "You can't say that because race is a social construct". I would understand that even though race is a socisl construct it impacts our lives and is relevant. The same can be said about gender. On my birth certiificate it says I am a female. I could have grown up to be a man if I wanted to but it does not change the fact that I was born a female and no one should feel insulted by this.

The sex was assigned but it was not done so arbitrarily, it was done so based on my biology. If I would have died in early infancy, they would have said I was a little girl on my funeral program. Even if I hypothetically could have grown up to be a man, it would not change the fact that I was born a little girl.

Even if we stripped the titles away, which many nonbinary people would like to do, I would still have a different body than a little boy and as I stated previously, baby boys and girls have different health outcomes and different expriences during puberty. So, these distinctions are necessary and relevant.

I am willing to fight for equal rights and justice for the LGBTQ community no matter what. But, I think it's valid to point out the harm in conflating the two issues. Some peopel are being thrown into the Transphobic category because people think that in insisting their biological differences they are diminishing sexual identity.

A biological woman is different than a Transwoman and I don't see an issue with being different. I do have a problem with people trying to act like they are one in the same or that we have the same lived experiences.

Biological women in America get raped every two minutes, Black and Indignenous women who give birth die at 3 x the rate of white women. I am from Louisiana which is the number one state in the US for husbands killing their wives. To erase sex as relevant in our lives is also to erase their lived experiences. As a woman I think it is only right that we protec transwomen but I'm tired of the one-sided argument.

Any time someone brings up biological sex as in the way J.K. Rowling did, they are called transphobic.

Transwomen are women but too many are trying to conflate sex wtih sexual identity.

When and if you decide to transition, your sex will still be your born sex but your sexual identity and thus your legal gender will be a woman and that's the way it should be.

We are born as a boy or girl but we decide the identity that fits us best and what we should call ourselves.

Editor-in-Chief of CULTURED, AfroSaphiophile, Co-Founder WEOC with bylines @ Momentum & ZORA ♥︎ allisonthedailywriter.com -☕️ ko-fi.com/allyfromnola

Editor-in-Chief of CULTURED, AfroSaphiophile, Co-Founder WEOC with bylines @ Momentum & ZORA ♥︎ allisonthedailywriter.com -☕️ ko-fi.com/allyfromnola