I really enjoyed reading your article. You laid out the points that many white people often bring up to deny either the existence of racism or absolve them of any personal guilty.

When someone says "I have Black friends," they are making a false claim that because they know black people, it is impossible for them to be racist. However, white slave owners impregnated black women while still abusing black people.

It is important for white people to understand their privilege in society and to be anti-racist. MLK Jr's words sum up the relationship between the white liberal and black people. I believe in voting. Many of my friends do not becaause they feel betrayed by white liberals who have consistently put Civil Rights issues on the back burner.

Reparations should not be a controversial issue and even white liberals do not wholeheartedly support this form of restorative justice. They may argue that providing better educaational opportunities will be sufficient. However, improving education in the U.S. will not close the wealth gap. The average black family makes one-tenth of the average white family.

Thank you for writing this article and dispelling some important points of contention.

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