I respect that you have a different upbringing. But this is the very definition of white supremacy. Even though these behaviors are racist to black people, you asert that it is not because of heritage. It makes me really depressed when I see black face. I hate that white people will not listen and respect that it is offensive. Heritage should not be placed above respect and dignity for other people.

The use of black face has to stop. I see what is there, not what I want to see. I see people who have no respect for black people and their feelings. Be brave enough to change a culture that causes pain to so many people, instead of defending bigotry by claiming innocence.

I am open minded to others who have respect. Using black face is not respecfful so I do not have to have an open mind to those who are closed minded and continue to wear black face while causing dismay to so many people around the world.

Once people understand that the action hurts others, they should adapt those behaviors. Anyone who wears black face is not my friend, but an enemy who refuses to see the world through my eyes, while carelessly using blackface.

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