I think that anyone who is against reparations is racist. There is no justifiable reason for Black people to be denied justice when Japanese Americans received them.

The thing is my goal is not to attract people to a movement based on false pretenses. I am honest about my beliefs and I think attracting half-supportive white people does not help at all.

Turning a blind eye to the systemic racism in the criminal justice system is absolutely racist. Police started in the United States as slave catchers. There has never been a time when we have not disproportionately impacted by police brutality.

Remember not to fall into right wing traps. Defund the police does not mean we should abolish the police. As you know, modern sociologists believe that crime and Poverty have a high correlation. Until we can fund education, housing, and healthcare in low income, largely minority communities, crime will continue.

It is a cycle and if you are interested you can look up the concept of broken windows picking. It is a method of maintaining poverty and then using that poverty as a precipice for over policing minority neighborhoods.

The average white family current has ten times the wealth on average when compared to a Black family. Thus, when you stand against reparations (restorative justice) you actually reveal your position.

You mistakenly think of racism as only a personal failing instead of understanding the systemic impact of racism. Once you understand that, I think you could begin to understand my position. Anyone who is conservative or stands for the status who, wants to maintain the inequities in our system. Thanks for reading.

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