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2 min readJan 12, 2021


I think that we should not put people in boxes. However, we have to use careful analysis to understand the world we live in.

If people cannot even say Black Lives Matter, how can we, in any good faith, acknowledge another side to that?

We will always be polarized until conservatives acknowledge their flaws. Only once they become decent people who believe in Civil Rights can I see them that way. Then we can disagree about all types of things. But, until they do that, then we have to understand the truth.

Their racism, and obsession with keeping only white men in power makes them impossible to relate to-- for me.

The "why good people are divided by politics and religion" sounds eerily like "fine people on both sides" which is why I would be cautious about his commentary.

It may come from a good place but equivocating one side which devalues equality and the other side which embraces white supremacy is dangerous. I think that his privilege blinds him to the true problem in this country. Sadly, many people feel the same way.

Also, I don't think he should have used religion as an example. We should all worship how we feel necessary. After all, America was founded with religious freedom in mind. We should not focus on converting, but respecting one another's differences.

So there really is no two sides to this. You are not a good person if you hate another person because of their religion and most people don't.

Section 2 is particularly disturbing. I have a Masters Degree in Psychology and I hate that he is trying to make "harm and fairness" seem unimportant. Ahem -- isn't that how we developed the chattel slavery system in the first place. A country devoid of morality will never maintain power on a world scale.

Conservatives believe "you get what you work for" but that ignores the power structure that white men created. I'm not going to lie. This whole scenario is really disturbing to me. It opens the door to legitimize the maintenance of white supremacist power structures.

-He even goes as far as to try to justify the use of "xenophobia". How on Earth can there be two sides to hating jews and respecting them? I guess I will spend my life disliking Conservatism. I just don't see how anyone except a white Evangelical or Catholic person could accept this ridiculous argument.

I applaud you for reading this book. I could not in good faith support any of his arguments. What he sees as "fine people," I see as a dangerous ideology that disregards morality. That is not what this country represents. Has he even read the constitution?

Being xenophobic, classist, and racist, are not viable points of view for me

Thanks so much for sharing your perspective.



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