I understand that he did not mean to cause harm with his words but he did. Born and raised in New Orleans, many people in our community respect Breeze and were deeply hurt.

Because of Colin Kapernick's protest, many people were very aware of what this movement was about. He proudly embraced a vicous lie that the protest was disrespectful to the U.S. armed forces.

U.S. generals are in favor of changing the names of military basis to reflect this change in culture. So it's safe to say that even those who serve are aware that this movement was never about the flag.

That being said, it takes a strong man to admit when he is wrong and focus on a brighter future. I don't know if I believe that he was unaware of the harm these statements have caused but I hope that they were unintentional.

People in New Orleans used to joke and call him Breezus because he was seen as a uniting force for good in the city. His statements have made his name less of a unififying force.

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