Most white people work to stop the progress of Black people. You can help or be kind to a Black person all you want that does not absolve you of anything, nor does it take away your privilege. Either you stand for progress or you are the opposition. The average white family has ten times the wealth of the average Black family because of systemic racist, oppressive systems. Anyone who stands in the way of correcting that is perpetuating white supremacist ideology. I read your comment but I still, for the life of me, cannot figure out your point. Either you stand with us or against us. You are a free person so no one can make you something you are not.

You sound so racist sayin that I am playing victim. Only a bigot would deny the racial inequality we experience. I have a Masters Degree in Psychology. I don’t need you or any other white person to degrade me or act like I should work hard. I already do work hard and calling Black people lazy is a really old racist trope. I really don’t care to engage in conversation with you because you have nothing positive to add. You only want to disrespect me and people like me. Lost cause.

Written by

Black Womanist w/ Masters in Psych | English Teacher | | | I 🤎Coffee |

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