Most women are going to engage in sex. The relevance is the nature of those relationships. When you attack a system, you must also consider the consequences of its absense. Would it really be better for women to just pack and over-night bag for the rest of their life? It does not sound ideal to me. Women couple up because when you do have a child, you want a stable home environment. Also, I believe that men have the right to participate in their child's life. If a woman's independence comes at the cost of just ignoring what the child and father wants, then I see that as actually makign the woman oppressive in this scenario.

The goal is to be happy. So if a woman does not want monogomy, she does not have to take part in it at all. However, I just don't see it as harmful as you insinsuate.

In Africa, many groups of people practiced polygamy. Are we supposed to believe that sharing a man was more liberating for women? Or, is being single the only way to fight patriachy? I just don't believe that being alone is the only option. Each woman has to make that call. I would not blame monogamy itself, but rather how men who abused it over the years.

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