Of course rape culture is facilitated and furthered by men. We live in a white supremacist culture that used to only view white men as complete citizens.

I just disagree with labeling someone as a rapist who never got a chance to defend himself in court.

The men who raped me also faced no consequences. I did not speak out about it because I was so young. However, I will not use my pain to falsely accuse Biden, especially since Donald Trump admits to m grabbing women by the pussy without their consent.

Furthermore, being a Black woman means I cannot sit this one out because people are throwing dirt on the ticket. Trump has the endorsement of the Proudboys and the KKK. His racism, sexism, Islamaphobia, xenophobia, are unacceptable. Unless there is proof that Biden did something wrong, I’m not going to act complacent in the face of negligent and racist policies.

No one, in my opinion, can make a sucessful argument that says keeping Trump in office helps to end or hinder rape culture in any way.

Black Womanist — MS Psych 🎓 EIC of Cultured allisonthedailywriter.com Co-Founder of Writers and Editors of Color WEOC I 🤎 ☕️ https://ko-fi.com/allyfromnola

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