Okay. I get it. You are concerned that the word Karen will be misused but you are the one that not only missed my point here but also the entire point of the article.

I understand there are bad people in the world and some use words to hurt others. Women also get called a bitch, a hoe, and many other names. And these names are used to undermine women every single day of our lives. So, this whole "Karen being misused fixation of yours misses the mark.

New feminism is supposed to be intersectional. It cannot be just a battle cry for white women in today's age. Many white men understand that and are fighting alongside Black women like me. They are not offended by the term.

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You suspect it will be misused. But I don't have to suspect that Black people are misused by these "Karens", I know they are.

Furthermore, many white women do not feel hurt by the term. They will proudly tell you that they are not a “Karen” because they understand it is a racist ideology — it has nothing to do with discriminating against someone for being a woman.

A similar term “Ken” is used to describe white men who use their privilege.

You miss the point because this is about race- not sexism. The woman complaining, similar to you I supposed, are not concerned about that part. You just think somehow calling someone a Karen undermines their womanhood. But how does calling out women for making fictitious claims undermine them? If I made false claims I would not want people jumping to defend me. It’s absolutely ridiculous to call this sexim.

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Black Womanist w/ Masters in Psych | English Teacher | justicecantwait.com | allisonthedailywriter.com | I 🤎Coffee https://ko-fi.com/allyfromnola |

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