Schumer does need to do whatever it is his power to stop this abuse of power. I love AOC but I do not see it as the right time for her to do that. We need progressive candidates. The senate leader will never be someone who does not represent the majority of representatives. As much as I want our progressive policies to go through, it won't work if it is forced. And, it can damage her if she tries and fails. One of the amazing powers of AOC is to win win win. She should be groomed to be President in 2024 or 2028 when progressives are more likely to have more seats and more power. Thanks for writing this. It is an important conversation to be had. She represents the future of our country.

Black Womanist — MS Psych 🎓 EIC of Cultured Co-Founder of Writers and Editors of Color WEOC I 🤎 ☕️

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