The only reason English people and Indian people have the relationship they do today is because of colonization. This is what the history shows so we can’t just white wash it and make it some mutually beneficial experience when it wasn’t. The word thug is an Indian word and British people use it because of their colonization of India.

English is a Germanic language and so it comes from Viking languages.

Also I think it’s pretty odd to engage in conversation with someone you obviously think is unauthentic.

I am actually an appreciate person and that’s why I tell people who take the time to read my work thankyou. I express my gratitude because unlike some people I don’t hold back my feelings. If someone is rude I don’t say thank you. Most people are kind so I show kindness back. That’s how I have always been. Never had someone dislike it but I’m aware that I can’t live to please others.

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