There are some key differences between private and charter schools. However, they are both similar in that they both take away money from public schools. Charter schools are dangerous because they take money from tax payers while maintaining their private status, denying access to students they don’t want in their programs.

Here is the research that led me to consider Charter schools as no better for desegregation that private schools. I understand that privatization is a popular solution that Americans believe in. However, when it comes to education, these schools are taking away funding from students who really need it.

“ One of the strengths of a true public school is its ethical and legal obligation to educate all,” (Strauss, 2019).

“ Charter schools are privately run academies funded by the taxpayer,” (Strauss, 2019).

“In contrast, charter schools control enrollment — in both direct and subtle ways. In 2013, journalist Stephanie Simon wrote a comprehensive report exposing the lengthy applications, tests, essays and other hurdles used by many charters schools to make sure they get the kind of student that they want,” (Strauss, 2019).

When we consider reforming American education, I always center my ideas around goals. My goal is to desegregate schools and get more funding for public schools. Charter schools and private schools, while different both privatize education and are largely segregated facilities.

Sending students to wherever they wanted is why schools are segregated. White parents took their kids out of public schools and placed them in private schools. These private and charter schools still wanted money from the federal government and thus, they are competing with underfunded schools for federal funding. It’s a horrible cycle that I hope ends one day. however, school choice had some pretty horrible side effects for Black students and their communities.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the nuance you provided.


Strauss, V. (2019, April 18). Why charter schools get public education advocates so angry. Retrieved December 24, 2020, from

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