This incident is absolutely heartbreaking. We cannot just vote. This country needs to fight racism and discrimination by overhauling the system.

I think we need a combination of methods to address this. We cannot keep Trump in office given that he encourages white supremacists. Democrats are not perfect and I am not saying that voting is the only answer.

However, we are marching in the streets in outrage of Black men slain by the police. Yet, the Republicans stand against the George Floyd Bill. As long as we continue to act like there are good people on both sides, the least likely we will be to make any change.

The outrage is occuring because there is no justice. If police were arrested after shooting and at times killing people, all of this would end. It hurts living in a country where Black men like my husband and brother really don't matter. Police will shoot them in the back or strangle them to death just because they can.

I agree that we should not "just vote" because change can happen on a local level like the defunding of the police in MN. However, I don't see how refraining from voting will get us closer to the mark.

Regardless of the method used, Americans must reject the disgusting, ugly, bigotry we are seeing flair up in our country. It has always been here but now it is on camera and none of us can look away.

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