This is such a difficult topic. I agree with you on your harsh criticism about the Democratic party but as a Black woman I really cannot vote against Biden. It's just not in my best interest. Another Black man was killed, this time in Los Angeles.

I am a true liberal because I believe in social programs to help communities. I understand the evils of pure unadulterated capitalism - that is how we got a chattel slavery system in the first place. However, liberals are the minority and it is not likely for us to get a candidate to ever fully embrace our polices.

So even though I sympathize with your rallying call to liberals, I think that pragmatically it makes no sense to bash Biden. What will it bring us? What will change if we do not vote for Biden? Will the Democrats change candidates? No, It's too late.

Like Bernie said in an interview I watched, Biden and Kamala want to destroy the privatized prison system, end cash bails, and raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. FYI - my husband makes less than that. So, while there are so many reasons ot be outraged, we cannot be complacent. I am not telling you what to do though because I respect you no matter what. You are a solid writer and an awesome woman.

I just think that as the right is throwing their full weight behind a white supremacist, I just don't see msyelf as having a true choice.

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