This video was so hard to watch. I will be haunted by his screams and it's all because of those horrible white supremacists. They say they care about police officers but completely disregard their lives.

There is a pervailing myth that BLM supporters (like myself) hate police officers. It is really unfortunate because we do not hate police officers. We just want accountability for police brutality.

I never want to see officers or any one else get hurt. This insurrection taught us a lot but I hope that white Americans learn the lesson -- white supremacy is dangerous. We need to treat domestic terrorism with the same level of accountability.

You broke it down perfectly. Not only would they have treated us cruely if we commited these heinous crimes, we would not do it. As you laid out, no matter how horrible things got, we never disrespected the nation's capital. Our ancestors, as slaves, built the White House and many other historical buildings.

So glad you wrote about this. 🌷I will never forget their cruelty.

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Black Womanist w/ Masters in Psych | English Teacher | | | I 🤎Coffee |

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