Though I generally like your article, I disagree that those on the margins of society want comfort and safety. This type of complacency is in part responsible for our current state of affairs.

Many of the problems experienced by black people, like myself, come from wealth inequality. The average black family has one-tenth of the wealth of a white family. That won't go away because of some watered down approach to health care. Initially, Obama care costs me $5 a month. Now, it is $185 a month so I lost my insurance.

I am voting for Biden because I understand that he is the better option. Although politics is about compromise, we learn a lot from the things people are willing to fight for.

Biden's ability to compromise has come at the expense of black people. To look tough on crime, Bill Clinton and Biden implemented the Crime Bill which contirbuted to mass incarceration. This isn't a good example of marginalized people feeling safe. Feeling safe in a white supremacist system is privileged to me. Going forward, he needs to be the aggressive champion for progress.

We need change, not platitudes.

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