Too often, white men date a Black woman as a fetish. You are absolutely right. I dated a white guy like that. The things they say behind your back hurt the most. I think you found a good one because I am convinced that most white men date Black woman as a fetish. It really is just a conquest for them. My Aunt is married to a white man. He drinks a lot and is rude the waiters and waitresses. He taught their kids (my cousins) that they are not Black, but mixed. Now both of them have struggled with suicide attempts and are very confused about who they are. My uncle (I guess I should call him that) only dated my Aunt because it was a fetish and now he has really negatively impacted my familys' life.

Like I said, I dated a white guy when I was younger. But I saw the look in his eye as he introduced me to his friends. Their eyes get wide and you know that it's not just because they think you are pretty, but because of your blackness, and perceived exoticness. I am tired of Black women being oversexualized.

I am happy you found someone that does not treat you like that. Your daughter is lucky to have you. I know you will make sure she understands what to look out for.

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