Voting is never going to solve racism. That is true. However, I vote because I believe in restorative justice. There are absolutely no republicans that support HR 40. My senator, Cedric supports the measure.

Voting never has and never will end the hatred that white folks feel for us. We have to keep pushing a grassroots movement, organizing, marching, and exposing injustives.

I don't think I can solve everything but I do not vote to make everything into rainbows and butterflies. Some white people think that after they vote for Biden everything will be okay. For me, there will always be hard work that we must do to push the ball foward. We have to demand accountability, not just vote and tuck it in for 2- 4 years.

One of the biggest issues in addition to people thinking voting will solve everything is that they think their job is done by submitting a ballot. Thanks so much for writing this. It needed to be said.

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