When you say "give Black people money," that is racist. The United States owes us the money. It is not a handout. Hundreds of years of crimes against humanity, torture, rape, and deprivation of liberty. That is what America owes us for. Not seeing that is racist.

We do not have to agree. In fact, I think it's best we agree to disagree. From your white male pedastal, you are not racist. That's fine. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine.

It seems like you are really struggling to respect my perspective.

It is so obvious you believe in a colorblind ideology and that is racist. Ignoring racism and pretending that it will help is ignorant and not backed up by any data. It is just cruelty but I am not suprised because that is what white people like you believe.

You believe in allowing police to continue extrajudicial killings because you are in denial about the pattern of behavior. Thankfully, we are not living in the 1960s because your race-neutral bigotry would keep Jim Crow alive and kicking.

You have your opinion and I have mine. I am not trying to change your perspective because to me you are a lost cause. Modern psychologists deem your type of colorblind ideology as racist. Wake up and smell the bigotry. I have a Masters in Psychology and even the American Psychological Association agrees that colorblind ideology is racist. You just sound like someone so attached to maintaining a racist system that you are blinded to the facts of the case.

Your negligent form of politics will always be racist to me. I am not shocked. I just don't care about your opinion.



Black Womanist — MS Psych 🎓 EIC of Cultured allisonthedailywriter.com Co-Founder of Writers and Editors of Color WEOC I 🤎 ☕️ https://ko-fi.com/allyfromnola

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