While we do disagree I respect your opinion. To me, the term was not intended to be sexist but I’m sorry that anyone is using it for that purpose. I do empathize with you as a woman. You do not have to be Black for me to listen to what you have to say.

However, I want to see this same outrage when men hurt Black women. Megan the Stallion got shot by a Black man and some men are mocking her. I don’t see white women standing up for Michelle Obama when they call her a man.

Traditional feminism has always been racist. We were left out of the movement and used. Now modern feminism is supposed to be intersectional and bring everyone in. But I don’t see this outrage when Black women like Kamala Harris are called a Bitch or a Hoe.

A Karen is someone who uses their privilege inappropriately. If people stop abusing their privilege they would not be called that. And if my name was Karen I would not be offended. I would tell people oh I’m Karen but not a Karen. It’s an ideology.

This week Trump will have Ken and Karen (the white couple who raised their guns at BLM protesters) at the convention. Ken is an ideology. Growing up, the Ken doll that dated Barbie was Ken. You don’t understand that some of these terms come from slang in a culture you do not understand. A black girl and her mom had to sue Barbie to make a Black version. So we grew up thinking of Ken as a white name and that he represented a man who would not want to be with a Black woman. Karen is the female embodiment of that white American who is oblivious to anyone else’s culture.

Before Karen, it was Becky. Like Beyoncé spoke about- Becky with the good hair. You wouldn’t understand living in a world where your natural hair is considered inferior.

In her song, Becky was not a woman but a type of woman who would be seen as attractive simply for having European features.

Karen is a term to bring attention to the fact that Black and white people live very different lives. When we invoke the word Karen we are then saying “oh I understand. Someone with that name is so culturally different that the behavior you explain after is completely understandable”. If it were not for the internet white people would never know of the term and if definitely is not used to oppress white women or to degrade themselves. Unless they abuse their privilege they are not a Karen.

Written by

Black Womanist w/ Masters in Psych | English Teacher | justicecantwait.com | allisonthedailywriter.com | I 🤎Coffee https://ko-fi.com/allyfromnola |

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