Why would someone be bothered by what other grown people are doing? They are obsessed and possibly insecure about their own sexuality. As long as people are happy a being respected by their partner, no one should have a problem with it. It is so bigoted.

I’ve been harassed lately for supporting the LGBT movement for equal rights. Several men told me, “You’re what’s wrong with the world. You don’t support families”. I felt so offended that I continued to go back and forth with them for longer than I should have. I was called names all because I said LGBT is a part of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

They told me that I was deplorable and told me that I supported child abuse. I told them, “Someone being gay does not make them more likely to harm a child”. And then I was called more names. One of my friends saw the conversation and was really offended by the things they were saying. I really wish that people could respect one another’s life choices. It’s so important for us to have a more inclusive society. At least, it’s important to me.