Without any proof, this statement is slanderous. Malcolm X was a married man and happy to be with his wife. An outsiders' book trying to make money from rumors does not prove he was homosexual.

I was kind of expecting a quote or anything substantiated. This is just not true and I understand the inclination to want more people to relate to or look up to. However, every person is not secretly bottling up their sexuality.

The man was happily married and I just don't understand what anyone gets out of slandering his name like this.

I don't understand the inclination to call people homosexual after their death. Isn't the whole point of the LGBTQ community to accept someone and what they call themselves. To me, calling Malcolm X homosexual when he never called himself that is just not right. Unless there is actually proof. Like, with Ghandi there are love letters. Where are the love letters to prove he was actually having sex with any man that he met with? Or a candid photo? Or anything other than rumors?

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