Yes, and I also don't believe Cosby is innocent. When it comes to Clarence Thomas, he is a Black conservative. And, the nuance is important here because they see race differently. For example, even Ben Carson (the former director of HUD) said that slavery was a choice -- he does not speak for 99.9% of Black people. Like him, Clarence Thomas does not view matters of race with a clear head. He belongs to a party who fights against the new civil rights movement.

I kind of see his statements as similar to Ms. Cosby. He saw himself as innocent and perfect and thus any concerted effort to beguile him in public as a lynching. Notice Obama and other progressive Black people generally do not use this term to describe their experiences as political figures. Many conservative politians, even white ones often use the term "lynch mob" or "lynching" to describe a political attack. It disgusts me when anyone uses this term in this way.

I think the problem with the idea of the race card is that this is not something that the majority of Black people use to prove a point. And, I guess I wrote this in the hopes that people would see that.

I appreciate you taking the time to understand my point. All I wanted was for my co-worker to take the Confederate flag out of display. And, it took felt nerve-wracking to do this because I knew they would think of my Blackness at that moment -- it was awkward. I almost wish that I didn't care. But it made me so red hot that I had to speak out about it.

Essayist, Poet, Activist, and Scholar, EIC of CULTURED, Co-Founder of #WEOC, with bylines at Momentum & ZORA ♥︎

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