You are funny as hell.

Thanks so much for the morning entertainment.

Biden presently supports ending mass incarceration.

His administration will dismantle the privatized prisons that put so many Black men and women behind bars.

You seem confused. His bill was to stop domestic violence and it also put many in jail. We need better policies. But you lack foresight, you only have hindsight.

People like you are foolish as hell because you do not acknowledge the legislation the Democratic party are fighting to pass.

The Democrats in the house are fighting for reparations (HR 40). You are so dull you probably didn't know that though.

The Democrat Cory Booker introduced a bill in the Senate to release all nonviolent drug offenders.

You have your head stuck in the ass of the past and have little understanding of what the agenda is and how we are making progress.

You seem like the self-hating type. Otherwise you would realize that Republicans oppose the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

They think choking men to death is acceptable. They also oppose the Anti-lynching bill.

What type of clown would really fight against reforming an unjust system?

Oh, there you go. It's you.

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