You have the benefit of understanding the impacts of juju on African communities. In America, Black people have been robbed of the opportunity to understand how these systems worked before colonialism. My ideas about these things dervive from my limited experiences with voodoo. I am from New Orleans, by the way. Some people use voodoo for good and others attest to its spiritual power and righteousness.

Christianity was used to justify the subjugation of Black people in America. I do not think it is as simple as "good" and "evil". However, I do not have the experiences, as you do, to understand the negative impacts of Voodoo.

It is horrible that it causes some people to justify disliking their families, believing in the juju's power. However, Christian grandmothers have the same type of issues in their families. My grandmother cut off large swaths of our family because they were too dark skinned in her opinion. She was Catholic and felt that Black people wore the mark of cain, justifying brutality.

I am not a religious woman so I cannot say that juju is bad and Chritianity is good. I think these issues are very complicated. Queen Njinga fought against the pope's influence. I will never forget that it was the papacy which started the institution of slavery, calling African indigenous tribes savage.

There are problems with every religion but I am not the type to buy into the hype that African culture was horrible until white folks came along. Thanks so much for your response.

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