You refuse to address the wealth gap so you are not interested in equal opportunity. You want white people to keep the gains they've made off of the backs of my ancestors. I couldn't disagree agree more with your color blind methods of facing the issues we face. That is why black people have less wealth. People like you don't think its important. So, my daughter and son will have to have the same fight. The fact that you say the wealth gap will be corrected over time is absolutely ridiculous and not based in any socioeconomic study.

You are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts. Black people are often turned down for opportunities even when they are qualified in favor of white applicants. You are trying to deny that systematic racism is happening by standing in the way of any real solution of dealing with the inequality. Do not prentend that you care. Just respect that I will not agree with your baseless assumptions that black people have worse jobs because of a lack of talent, skill, or qualifications. White people are not more qualified. They simply give people who look like them jobs first.

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