Your article did an excellent job of articulating this issue. I have debated a few people on this topic and it is a sensitive one. Today, they posted a picture of a 3 year old baby and wrote on his picture that there were no protests, no outrage, and that no one cared when we do it to one another. This assertion was ridiculous. However, a few people did not agree with my assessment that black on black crime is a racist trope used to diminish the momentum to decrease police presence in black communities.

These police and conservatives use broken window policing and use the poverty of a community to determine the force necessary for those living in the community. The wealth gap in America is huge and the virus has exasperated this. Being poor should not be a crime. Being black should not be a crime. I have been disappointed many times by people who have made this argument.

Vitale, A. S. (2018). The end of policing. London, UK: Verso.

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