Your article was incredible. I agree that their motivation was based in profit. However, I am happy to see that they are creating a more inclusive environment for their customers and employees.

I'm from New Orleans. When we celebrate the Decadence festival, almost every business puts up a rainbow flag - yes to make money but also to show that the entire LGBTQ community will be safe there and treated with respect.

See in my hometown, we walk down Bourbon street at times to have drinks (usually when not so many tourists are in town). And when you pass up a drink shop called Tropical Isle (they sell handgrenades), it is considered the gay part. You can see beautiful Queens dancing and it is a really fun part of the french quarter. However, do you think it's wrong for the parts that don't normally put up rainbow flags to do so when the LGBTQ community comes in town to celebrate?

Would it be better if the bars that always embrace them get the business?

I thought that Queer was an acceptable term. Let me know if that is not okay and thanks so much for writing this. Your writing always makes me think.

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