Your story is so interesting because it shows how your upbrining can have a major impact on views about the econonomy. Where you see that immigrants came with nothing and worked hard, I do not see that. I see that they built a system off of chattel slavery to increase profits and this country was not built by them, but by my ancestors forced to work for free.

Many Americans do not realize that the average Black family has one-tenth of the wealth that the average white family does. This wealth gap will not close on its own, nor will hard work get the job done. See, we are not lazy but the Republicans and conservatives in this country racistly state that we are. I am happy you changed your perspective. We need more people to come around to make this country much better.

Here is a related article:

It's really just a study showing how hard work alone will not change the disparities in America. Thanks for writing this.

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